Find Restaurants
To find restaurants on DineInOut you need to know the City Name. If you are visiting the Caribbean, then you need to know the name of the island. DineInOut provides a list of city names by State in the USA guide, by Island in the Caribbean guide and, by Country for international locations.

Clicking the City Name will display a list of DineInOut neighborhoods for that city and optionally a map showing their relative locations. DineInOut neighborhoods are small geographical areas containing a high concentration of restaurants. Below is a sample list of well known areas that would qualify as a DineInOut neighborhood:

  • Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ
  • Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, CA
  • Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV
  • Times Square, New York, NY
  • Pikes Place Market, Seattle, WA

Clicking the name of a DineInOut neighborhood will display a list of all restaurants in that area, from which you can access the restaurant contact information, hours of operation, menus, coupons, reviews and more.

As an aid for out-of-town visitors, DineInOut provides a list of hotels and attractions indicating their DineInOut neighborhood. This way, if you know the name hotel where you are staying or the attraction you are attending, you will know the DineInOut neighborhood.